Not a Christian, but trying to figure out how to pray for a loved one

I hope this is okay to ask here!

My grandmother committed suicide two years ago. It really hurts me to think of her state of mind when she passed – if she was afraid, or lonely, or in pain, or had regrets. Lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to pray for her. I’m not religious at all and wasn’t raised in a religious household, but my grandmother was raised German Catholic in the 1940s. Her religion was important to her for a significant part of her life, though she wasn’t a member of any parish for many years before her death. She didn’t talk about this kind of thing much but, thinking about the many icons and bibles in her house and the rosaries she kept, I also have this fear that she died feeling that she was committing a sin. My understanding is that probably her upbringing would have had some strict thoughts on sin. I think this gesture would mean something to her and I suppose part of me is thinking, if some part of her has continued on after death, that part might need peace and this might help. I can’t say I’ve thought much about a religious afterlife but I know she did and that makes it worth doing something about to me.

Recently it was suggested to me that I could pray a rosary for her at home. I’ve never done something like this. How do I choose a rosary? Are there certain prayers that would be appropriate for this situation? I googled a bit and saw that there are some rosaries specific to certain saints. Is that important? Is there a saint that would make sense?

I’m sorry for the long post and if I’ve offended anyone out of ignorance. Thank you for reading and I’d be very grateful for any suggestions or thoughts!

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