Ive been digging into religions lately and I have a question, Why are you Christian?

I thought about it from my perspective (mind you i’m no longer Christian) and the reason for that is, I realized that I didn’t choose it for myself. I was told I was Christian and that was that, then I looked into a bunch of other religions and decided which one really sat right with me or whatever you would call it. I don’t really believe in blind faith, I had no valid reason to believe in God other than the fact that I was told to do so. So yeah thats my question. How did you become Christian or why are you currently Christian? (I hope no one finds this question rude)

Edit: Based on this I see a lot of “God is the truth” etc etc. But what about religion as a moral compass? What morals does it teach that you would say you can’t find elsewhere? (This is just for fun)

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