UPDATE: Mom is dying of cancer in a few days.


Hey guys, an update with regards to my mother in her few days. she passed away on June 21st 2020, i saw her pass away in her bed since hospice was caring for her. it was very hard becuase i saw her suffer all her life since 2005 with that cancer she had. i really miss her so much and instead of losing faith in God and Jesus this experince has made me stronger how my mom was. i also had dreams she would pass way before this ever happened. i was afraid of that and those dreams came true. i felt very depressed and still am thinking about her alot. i feel bad and guilty that she had to suffer this. i really tried my best to help her financially, emotionally and physcially. i told her before she passed that i would be ok here on earth and that she will be with Jesus in peace since she always followed him and went to church and donated money to Jesus to help the church. i didnt have time to update this since ive been needing space from reddit. Please everyone if possible please pray for my mom and please pray that no one has to go tru this. i feel bad because alot of people are getting cancer and i hope Jesus returns to make everyting new and that everyone who has passed will come back to life when he returns. i hope to see my mom again in heaven. i pray for everyone to be strong like how my mom was. please pray my mom is alright. the link is on the title if anyone needs to read my prevoius story.

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