Perhaps Jesus helped me

Last night I had gotten sick and had already thrown up a few times. I managed to feel a bit better but about an hour later I felt the nausea start to come back. I’ve always hated nausea and it’s affects, probably more than any other sickness symptom.

Anyway when I started to feel this again I ended grabbing the cross necklace I was wearing with one hand, trying to invoke some sort of spiritual soothing I suppose. Suddenly I started to think about the suffering Jesus must of felt on the cross and how bad it would of been, and yet how he still went to Calvary out of love. He suffered for our sins, mine included. And how if he could bear the suffering on the cross because of his love I could bear this suffering. After I realized that Jesus bore the ultimate suffering out of love my nausea almost went away completely; it got to the point where I wasn’t concerned about puking again.

I managed to avoid throwing up again the rest of the night. And it all seemed to be thanks to me contemplating the sacrifice Jesus did for me on the cross out of love. Maybe this a bit naive of me to think but still. I’m a really helped. God bless.

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