Pain with fear I guess?

Last month my father was killed in a motorcycle accident. He and 3 others were out riding on their way to pie from a meeting for CMA ( Christian Motorcycle Association ). We do not know what happened, they came up to a corner, and he did not slow down for unknown reasons and unfortunately he and our friend Rick went down. There were no break marks; we do not know what happened and unfortunately and thankfully he was was taken from us instantly. I put thankfully, because that means he did not suffer. The man he crashed into was taken to a hospital, but was able to walk out that night beaten and bruised but was mercifully able to go home. All that was left on the road from all this were some gashes and paint rubbed in the pavement. TO STATE : my father was not wearing a helmet, however we were informed that the very best it would have done for him was leave him brain dead.

Here’s the main reason for my title: since it has happened I have found it incredibly hard pray to God. It feels like all the pain and loneliness I feel all hits when I attempt to pray. And when I listen to Christian music My emotions almost overcome me. I ask for help to better understand why this continues to happen.

My father was not perfect nor was he always good, but he was a 30+ year recovering alcoholic ( not truly taken a sip in 30+ years, he always said he was still in recovery because you can always slip up ), truly believe in second chances, was more forgiving than I knew, truly believed in outreach, and stood taller in what he believed than I can say I do. I’m not wanting to glorify him, I just proud of him. He worked himself to the bone for many years and we fear that may have been what took him, but it does not change that he is not here.

He left behind a loving wife and two sons; many family members and even more friends.

I’m sorry for the long read and probably poor grammar, there’s a reason I’m not a linguist. This may not be the best place for this post but it felt right. Thank you for your time.

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