Im having problems with my faith and my belief

So just to let you know im a (14M) that is growing up in a Christian house hold. My Mother(who was catholic at the time) married my dad and 15 years later, left him. she converted to a christian when she was with my dad and has been ever since, when i was 6 she met another man, this man would later become my step father. Ever since he met her he was studying to become a pastor. he did end up becoming a pastor and converted the whole family into loving christians and he even started a church, but that church fell because he had cheated on my mom with a member. ive belived there is a God and that i was straight since i could remember but recently, its been hard to keep on beliveing and worshiping. all the things i laughed at non Christians for and members of the lgbtq group are now starting to affect me!! i cant help but have my mind wonder and let ideas burrow into my mind, and recently ive been contemplating my feeling about being heterosexual. and ive been looking into the LGBTQ group and ive considered being gay or bi. i have a girlfriend, her name is Victoria and i love her, she is very compatable with me and i get along with her, and she is very understanding and she has been through a lot. i dont want to loose her. but my mind is being odd and making me feel things i dont like feeling. i just want to know what i should do. and i wanna her some compasion and light hearted and understanding people. i just want you to answer me before i do something stupid.

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