I have a question for Christians.

I am someone who is an atheist/agnostic. Honestly speaking, I have no idea. Sort of in-between because I can see all the points that atheists make and they make sense while religious people such as Christians, they constantly tell me to just believe in God man, just do it. Or it’s “my aunt had stage 4 cancer and she was told she has 2 months tops but now she is healthy! God is the best!” Now I’m sitting here confused as hell because, in my 18 years of living, I have never needed God. When I went through any rough patches, I just fought through it. Nowhere in my life has God ever played a factor in my life that I have seen. I hope you can understand why I am skeptical of some all-mighty random guy in a book millions of years ago written by some random dude making everybody go to church on Sundays. Despite this, I consider myself a relatively open-minded person who likes to see things from different perspectives and make my own judgments. Now I want to pose a question. I have a friend. His father is a pastor. Essentially, he was born into a religious, Christian family and as a result, he believes in God. I wasn’t born into a religious family. So why does this friend get an advantage over me to go to Heaven while I spend eternity in Hell? If there is a God, why do people who believe in the wrong one go to hell? Like if I was born in an Islamic family, I am more inclined to believe in Allah than the Christian God. And if the Christian God is the one true god, I am supposed to go to hell Furthermore, I assume certain areas in the world are more religious than others and people influence other people. The environment influences your beliefs. So why do certain geological factors influence your belief in God? The entire thing seems like RNG to me. Please let me know because I want to believe in God because so many close friends and intelligent people do and they’re not bat-shit crazy so it worries me if I am the one who is missing something. And quite frankly, I don’t want to go to Hell. In addition, I am not gonna lie, even if I don’t believe in God as of this moment, in the final seconds before my death, I will probably fold like a lawnchair and pray to God for forgiveness. LOL.

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